Fishers’ Sky Zone improves facility, adds warrior course

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An image of the new warrior course at SkyZone. (Submitted photo)

Sky Zone in Fishers is working on making several updates to its facility to improve its customers’ experience.

“We’ve added several attractions and some customer comfort type of things,” owner Cory Haffner said. “One of the new things we’ve added is a mezzanine that overlooks the park that has an additional party room and a parent lounge. We are really excited about that because we didn’t feel like we had a comfortable space for parents when we got really busy.”

With the recent popularity of the American Ninja Warrior television show, Sky Zone wanted to offer more obstacle course-type attractions. They have added a free climb wall, a skyjoust, a warrior course and a warped wall.

“The warped wall is pretty neat because we have two different heights for two different skill levels,” Huffier said. “We’ve added a two-lane warrior course that has multiple elements. One side will be less difficult for our younger guests and then the other lane will be a little more challenging. The skyjoust is four elevated bosu balls over a foam pit where you have padded pugil sticks. You get to go at it with another combatant.”

The new attractions are slated to open in the next few weeks with the exception of the free climbing wall. It will debut in January. Pricing will stay the same.

“All in all, we’ve probably doubled our offering, and we think we will probably have a better opportunity to do private events with that new space in the mezzanine,” Haffner said.

The goal is for the new attractions to appeal to a wider audience.

“Kids love coming to Sky Zone, but they love it when the parents get out there with them. Hopefully, it appeals to a wider age group and gets more parents out to interact with the kids,” Haffner said.

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