Indiana Dept. of Transportation holds public hearing for Ind. 32 improvements at Ind. 38, River Road


Noblesville residents heard from Indiana Dept. of Transportation officials about proposed improvements to Ind. 32 at Ind. 38 and River Road Jan. 10, namely of which will add a second westbound lane along Ind. 32.

CIN COM 0123 Ind 32 lane addition
Rickie Clark introduces the Ind. 32 improvement project to the public Jan. 10. (Photo by Anna Skinner)

Renderings were on display, and INDOT Manager of Public Involvement Rickie Clark said the public hearing was part of the proposal’s environmental analysis phase.

“During this phase, we are looking at how the proposed improvement will impact the community, and as part of that, we certainly need to hear from the community,” Clark said.

The proposal includes widening existing lanes, adding a second westbound lane on Ind. 32 from Ind. 38 to River Road, as well as adding new sidewalks and a closed storm sewer.

Nick Batta, a project manager at Crawford, Murphy and Tilly, also presented on the project.

Batta said the main reason for the improvements were to reduce the amount of crashes in the area as well as reduce congestion.

“There will be five total lanes, two in each direction, and the one in the middle is a center left turn (lane),” Batta said. “(The five lanes) will go to River Road, and we would transition that ultimately down to the two lanes that exist today.”

Noblesville Common Council member Greg O’Connor was in attendance and raised a question about why roundabouts weren’t proposed at the intersections in the Ind. 32 stretch under consideration. No other public comments were made during the public presentation.

Construction could begin in 2020. Public comments will be accepted up to Jan. 26. For those wishing to comment, email [email protected].