Urology Associates launches tele-medicine service


By Desiree Williams

Urology Associates, a business founded in Muncie that is growing in Fishers, recently launched video visits — a “tele-medicine service” that allow patients to meet with a doctor via phone or computer.

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Dr. David Hall said the company introduced the service to better meet the demand for urologists because it is one of the most under-represented specialties.

“Without technology, there’s not going to be a great way to solve that huge supply-and-demand issue,” he said. “We’re just trying find efficient ways to provide coverage for the communities we serve.”

Hall said urology is a data-driven specialty that does not regularly require physical exams, so the video visits make discussions about imaging, labs and surgeries much easier and quicker. Video visits also decrease wait time in the office and for an appointment with a doctor.

“Cervical specialists can be inundated with large volumes of patients, and sometimes wait-times in the office might be longer than what you might find at a family doctor,” he said.

Patients can call or go online to schedule an appointment. Patients receive an email with further instructions to download CareCloud, a mobile app, and confirm device information. Hall said he can order tests or prescriptions after the video visit, and if it is of urgent concern, the patient can then come into the office for an exam.

“It has just been a great way for us to leverage our time and see more patients,” he said.

Hall said he still sees patients in the traditional office setting but expects it to become an even distribution between video and office visits in the next few years.

For more, visit urologyassociateseci.com.