Letter: Qualified Westfield residents on ballot



Ever since I was on Westfield’s Town Council 14 years ago, I have attended meetings, worked to raise development standards to rejuvenate Westfield’s old downtown and to get parks and trails built.

This May 8 primary election will determine Hamilton County office holders for the next four years (Democrats never win here in November).

My considered choices:

County council manages the county’s money. It sets the county’s tax rate. Westfield has not had representation on this council for years and has been short-changed. I know Ken Alexander who lives in Westfield and strongly endorse him for County Council District 4.His opponents are less qualified and all three are Carmel residents.

County sheriff is term-limited and a great Westfield man is running. Bill Clifford is a friend and long-time popular member of the Rotary Club of Westfield. Anybody would love to have Bill as a friend. He is in his third decade of police work. He works hard at it and is very reachable. 

Washington Township Trustee Danielle Carey Tolan has been the perfect trustee. She has a vision for the future, including more preserved green space as residents have advocated. Danielle has lived in Washington Township all her life and loves it. Her opponent, almost unknown, advocates undoing 14 years of citizen planning downtown – not a trustee function.

Township board: Danyele Easterhaus, Gary Southerland and Jeannine Fortier.  

Superior Court 1 Judge: Four are running to replace our fine Judge Steve Nation, who has retired. Will Riley is convincing and stands out.

U.S. House – I’ll vote for Susan Brooks.

U.S. Senate – Choose the candidate most likely to beat the Democrat in November. I’m voting for Luke Messer. Republicans must keep the Senate.

Other Republicans are unopposed  Each deserves your vote.

Please vote Tuesday, May 8.

Mic Mead,