Letter: Response to Jim McCann letter



I am writing to respond to a letter written by Jim McCann of Westfield. While he is, of course, entitled to his opinion, he failed to address the reality that we already have an excellent trustee in place, namely Danielle Carey Tolan. She has been doing an especially good and committed job these last four years. Every time I have been in the Trustee’s office, she has stepped out and greeted me and offered to help me. She is a presence in her office. She is a friendly, caring and conscientious person. On the other hand, whenever I was in the office under the previous trustee, he was never to be seen, and appeared to keep himself at a distance. I personally feel this is a “people job,” and Danielle does a fine job of that, indeed.

While it’s nice, I guess, that you know Marla Ailor personally, I do not feel that is especially important in this campaign. Also, in my opinion, it is completely irrelevant that Mr. Gill did not run unopposed, while Ms. Tolan did. That, to me, is of no importance at all! That is like comparing apples and oranges. I was actually insulted by his comment that Ms. Tolan was “given the trustee position,” as if she didn’t earn it!

I personally intend to vote for Ms. Tolan, and urge other voters to do the same! She is the best candidate.

Bobbi Robertson