Zionsville Bike Challenge begins May 21


The Zionsville Bike Challenge will once again have residents rolling through town. The event runs May 21 to July 1 and gives families and individuals the opportunity to see how many minutes or miles they can log on a bicycle in six weeks.

“It’s been such a successful program in the past that we feel we’ve really refined the rough edges,” said Matt Dickey, Zionsville superintendent of Parks & Recreation.

Participants can compete in four categories:

  • Family Fun (90 minutes per week)
  • 200 miles in 6 weeks
  • 400 miles in 6 weeks
  • 600 miles in 6 weeks

Each week riders have opportunities to win raffle prizes.

“There are a couple of different ways people can win the prizes,” Dickey said. “One is to turn in their miles each week. They are automatically entered into a drawing. We do three different rides every Wednesday in the six-week period. If they participate in one of those rides they can be entered to win a raffle prize. And during those rides we introduce them to different areas to ride.”

The challenge is sponsored by Dow Agro Sciences and Zionsville Triathlon & Cycling Team along with the parks department.

“The most important reason is to help people get out and ride their bikes and exercise,” said Loren Long, ZTT president. “We also have a great trail system in Zionsville, and this event highlights the parks and trails that Zionsville has to offer.  Additionally, this event is important because it helps people learn and understand the proper way to ride a bike on our roadways, including how to share the road and how to ride as safely as possible.”

The event is free. To sign up email [email protected].