Area students to learn from IWS Side-by-Side Concert


Attending the Indiana Wind Symphony Side-by-Side Concert last year was instrumental for Ella Haisley, who will be a Fishers High School sophomore in the fall.

ND SIDEBYSIDE 0612 Haisley pic

Haisley met principal horn player Larry Purdue at a side-by-side concert and began taking lessons from him.

“Just in this last year alone I have grown as a player so much,” Haisley said.

It earned Haisley a chance to play with the IWS in its May concert.

“It was one of the best experiences I’ve had,” Haisley said. “Playing with the IWS has allowed me to gain the experience of what it is like to play with a professional group and be exposed to that environment. It has helped me improve my confidence greatly. I went to watch the side-by-side concert last year, and it’s cool to see that just a year later I’m now playing at it.”

ND SIDEBYSIDE 0612 Perfetti pic

Twenty-seven high school students from 17 schools will play with the IWS at 7 p.m. June 15 in a free concert at the Carmel Gazebo.

Carmel High School freshman Drew Perfetti and Noblesville High School sophomore Shea Doughty and Zionsville Community High School junior Cory Ellsworth are all participating in Side-by-Side for the first time.

“The Side-by-Side Concert provides me a great opportunity to gain advice from professional musicians and interact with fellow students who share a love of music,” said Perfetti, a percussionist.

ND SIDEBYSIDE 0612 Doughty pic

Doughty, who plays the clarinet, said she is eager to learn from professionals as she challenges herself to play more difficult music.

“I’m looking forward to this opportunity to play alongside other very talented musicians, and I think I’m going to learn a lot from playing with them,” said Ellsworth, a trumpet player.

Other area participants are Umut Bicim, Noblesville HS, flute; Kady Campbell, Fishers HS, clarinet; Katie Barnett, Fishers HS, clarinet; Billy Gregory, Noblesville HS, clarinet; Megan Martin, Noblesville HS, clarinet; Tali Duckworth, Carmel HS, trumpet; Noelle Geisler, Carmel HS, trumpet; and Ian Sun, Carmel Middle School.

ND SIDEBYSIDE 0612 pic 3 Ellsworth