Kaleidoscope Krossing creates cards for sixth-grade students


One local business owner is doing her part to make sure sixth-grade students entering Noblesville West Middle School for the first time feel welcome in the wake of the May 25 shooting at the school.

Beth Wood, owner of Kaleidoscope Krossing at 185 S. Eighth St., Noblesville, held a three-day open-house event where students and families could come into the art center and create handmade cards to be distributed to the students during an orientation night at the end of this month.

“We’re trying to make just over 500 cards, because there are ballpark 500 sixth-grade students coming into Noblesville West Middle School,” Wood said. “These are the first kids coming into a new environment after going through the May 25 shooting. They haven’t been in Noblesville West, and this is a way of welcoming them into the school and trying to ease anxieties, which you would already have coming into a middle school, let alone after what we just went through.”

Wood has a child at NWMS, and she said learning of the shooting was the worst phone call she ever received.

Kaleidoscope Krossing has four offerings: creative arts workshops, faith-based programming, community outreach and private events. Wood said the card-making is an example of how her business fulfills its community outreach mission.

“I have been working with Noblesville West Principal Stacey Swan, and she’s been open and supportive of Kaleidoscope Krossing’s efforts to welcome the kids back,” Wood said.

Wood created four templates for visitors to color in with messages and graphics. Most visitors made multiple cards, and several Noblesville Junior Honor Society members completed some of their service hours by coloring the cards.