Midwest barbeque flavor inspires Porkopolis 


By Maria Cook

Porkopolis recently opened its doors at 9802 N. Michigan Road in Carmel, making Indiana the only other state beside Arizona to be home to the barbeque chain.

The concept for the restaurant, however, launched in the Midwest. “Porkopolis” is a nickname for Cincinnati, and for co-owner Matt Hamilton, Ohio barbeque was the starting point for some of the restaurant’s unique dishes.

“We like to call it the evolution of barbeque,” Hamilton said. “Barbeque means a lot of different things to different people. Growing up in Ohio, barbeque meant that you were going to fire up the Webber grill and do burgers and hot dogs. We have kind of evolved that. We play with it. We create unique dishes like our smoked meatloaf, our redneck tacos and barbeque jambalaya, unique dishes that complement the smoked meat.”

While meatloaf, tacos and jambalaya aren’t typical items on a barbeque menu, Hamilton said that Porkopolis serves plenty of barbeque staples as well, such as baby back ribs and brisket.

“Most people gravitate toward the traditional items on their first or second visit, but after that, they branch out and try things like the Brady bacon burger, the brisket salad with candied pecans and strawberries, or one of the jambalayas,” Hamilton said.

Porkopolis is running several promotions throughout the summer, hoping to attract Carmel customers who may not have dined there before. The Summer of Classics deal offers a three-meat platter with two sides for $20. Porkopolis also offers dine-in and carry-out as well as catering.