Letter: Brooks prefers to avoid her constituents



In order to meet our current congresswoman, Susan Brooks, you have to go to one of her poorly publicized pop-up events. Brooks does not greet or speak to the crowd of constituents who have gathered to see her; instead, constituents are led one-by-one to a back room for an incredibly brief meeting. Brooks is known to leave these ‘Connect with Your Congresswoman’ events before she can meet with all the people who showed up and waited to see her.

I attended one of those events. After a whirlwind minute with her, as I was being led away, I asked if she could hold a town hall so the people in her district could hear her views on important issues. Unguarded and firm, Brooks turned and told me that she was never going to hold a town hall. As evidenced that day and every day she’s spent in office, Brooks prefers avoiding the people who elected her and she feels safe enough to do just that. Her attitude is disheartening and wrong.

Fifth District voters want proper representation. Fifth District voters want to know where their congresswoman stands on the issues. Fifth District voters want to know that their congresswoman is listening to their concerns. Brooks has a record of voting 98.8 percent of the time with our current presidential administration; this voting record is not consistent with the views of her electorate. That’s why a large number of Fifth District voters are following Dee Thornton’s congressional campaign. Dee Thornton is running against Susan Brooks because she believes that our district deserves proper representation. As gerrymandered as this district is, Dee Thornton has made this race competitive. I’ve seen so many people throughout Hamilton County who are excited and ready to have a real voice in Washington.

The lines were drawn unfairly, but Brooks’ fate is still uncertain. Everyone’s vote will matter this November.

J.C. Johnson, Carmel