Carmel salon first to implement technology to match clients, stylists


By Viktoria Nasteva

Say goodbye to salon-hopping, awkward conversations and bad haircuts. Carmel’s Eclectic Beauty Hair Salon is the first in central Indiana to implement Meet Your Stylist, a survey software that matches clients with stylists.

CIC DOUGH 1113 Eclectic BeautyTo begin the pairing process, each Eclectic Beauty stylist takes a quiz about technique, personality and schedule. Before booking an appointment, customers are prompted to answer a wide range of questions, such as “my hair type is best described as” and “I feel most loved when,” to suggest three stylists with whom they are most compatible.

“We want to get them with the right people from the start,” said Billie Merriweather, founder and owner of Eclectic Beauty, which has been on Main Street for four years and in Clay Terrace for three.

Meet Your Stylist eliminates traditional practices of booking based solely on specialty or availability, which can leave clients disappointed. It also is helpful for people who like their salon and want to stay even if their stylist leaves.

New Carmel resident Erin Miller was concerned about finding a hairdresser who knew how to work with dyed-blonde hair. She said Meet Your Stylist was the reason she chose Eclectic Beauty. 

“It was really awesome. Honestly, the best I could have asked for,” Miller said.

After more than 20 years in the industry, Merriweather has found the interpersonal relationship between herself and her clients to be the most important aspect of her work. Her said her clients have become family. She even cooks their Thanksgiving recipes.

“It’s so much more than hair. It gets really deep, I think,” Merriweather said.