Monon Trail, Greek’s partner to gift pizzas to families


This may not be the first year Monon Trail Elementary School partnered with Greek’s Pizzeria to gift pizzas to the school’s families, but it was the largest one yet.

“It’s probably been the last five years we have gone Christmas caroling to as many of our students’ families’ homes that we can,” Instructional assistant Christine Helm said. “This is the year it worked out best.”

Greek’s Pizzeria sells the pizzas to MTES at cost, which equals out to $6 per large pizza. MTES asks for staff to purchase a pizza as a donation. MTES staff and family delivers the pizza to as many of the students’ families as they can within two neighborhoods.

This year, the group delivered 100 pizzas on Dec. 20.

“They (Greek’s) were great. They were so accommodating,” Helm said. One of the volunteers used their truck to deliver the pizzas.