Letter: Skullduggery afoot with library board?



In reading Mr. Knott’s letter to Current in Carmel concerning the change in management of the Carmel Clay Public Library coffee shop, one cannot help but question what is going on with the library board.  If Mr. Knott’s assertions are correct, then one must conclude that there is skullduggery afoot with the library board. 

Why would such an important arm of the City of Carmel engage in such tactics?  Why would an arm of the city displace Mr. Russell, who is a disabled veteran, from his place of business in favor of someone who, based on the information in Mr. Knott’s letter, certainly does not need the library coffee shop for income? If the information is correct in Mr. Knott’s letter, then Mr. Russell and his family will incur serious financial harm. For what purpose?

All Carmel citizens should be concerned and alarmed that such an injustice could be perpetrated by the library board.  This calls for a complete, thorough and prompt explanation by the library board published by Current in Carmel.  And if an injustice is in fact being perpetrated, it must be reversed.

Steve Baranyk , Carmel/Westfield