Cityworks-Azteca Systems selects Carmel for first technical support office in Indianapolis area


A Utah-based company that provides geographic information system services for local governments has selected Carmel for its first technical support office in the Indianapolis area.

Cityworks-Azteca Systems, 9650 Commerce Drive, provides technology to help its clients manage public infrastructure, engage residents and manage growth. It uses GIS technology to store and analyze various types of geographical data.

The Carmel office will support eastern U.S. and international clients.

“Carmel is thrilled to have another national high-tech company choose our city to expand its operations in Indiana and the Midwest,” Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard stated in a press release. “We have worked hard to build a thriving, sustainable city with a high quality of life in order to attract business investments from successful companies like Azteca Systems. We look forward to sharing in their future growth.”

Technical support employees will be based out of the Carmel office. It will provide a place for Cityworks training courses, meeting space for regional user groups and other resources.

“The City of Carmel and Cityworks share a commitment to building a resilient and safe community with high quality of life,” stated Brian Haslam, Cityworks president and CEO, in a press release. “This new regional office provides us with an exceptional location to grow the customer service and education opportunities we already offer to our clients around the globe.”

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