Letter: Slow down in roundabouts



As outdoorsy type folks, my wife and I make use of the numerous walking paths and trails throughout Carmel. We oftentimes are left to shake our heads when navigating the pedestrian crossings at the “race-abouts” (My wife’s new name for roundabouts and very appropriate.)

We live in the Illinois-136th street area and it is a scary proposition to cross the streets, especially during rush hour. Automobiles routinely use both lanes, weaving across both to keep their speed up through the curve. We literally hear tires squeal as users navigate the roundabouts.

The signs at the roundabouts have a posted speed of 15 MPH.

I am respectfully asking everyone to slow down through the roundabouts, and if you see my wife and me in a crosswalk give us a friendly wave and we’ll wave right back.

Sure beats the horn honks we usually get!

John P. Combs, Carmel