Tuning up: High Frequency Arts opens new gallery in Fishers


Gallerist Jill Lehman knew launching an art gallery in Fishers would be tough, but she was undaunted.

Lehman opened High Frequency Arts, 11634 Maple St., Suite 200, Jan. 11.

“I saw the future of the Nickel Plate District and what’s happening with Fishers’ economic development along with the community’s desire to advance art and culture and how small businesses work together,” she said. “It’s definitely a risk without other art centers anchored around you. We certainly need the community to support our business (to) keeps our doors open. I’m also a longtime Fishers resident, so it’s my home community and where we want to help make a difference.”

Lehman said the best way to evolve arts and culture is through a gallery setting.

“If we are going to continue to evolve arts and culture in this area, we need commercial galleries and artist to thrive.” she said. “It shows the value art brings in our community. It’s important to have nonprofit art sectors that support artists and help them hone skills, produce their work and get exposure, but the way you advance and sustain art and culture in a community is when you make it viable for them, and those who invest to exhibit them have viable careers and businesses. That’s really where our passion comes in, getting people exposed to and supporting what unlocks the art ecosystem.”

But Lehman is doing more than giving artists an outlet and supporting their careers. She also advocates for creativity in the corporate workplace.

“Why I decided to build High Frequency Arts is because I am an art collector, enthusiast, have friends and family who are artists,” she said. “Being exposed to art, I have found it beneficial in my day-to-day business profession and unlocking my creative side. Like most C-suite executives, I have a traditional business background.  I believe the more we can expose ourselves to creative sources, the more we can add value in our own lives, community and workplaces.”

High Frequency Arts gallery is mobile, meaning all the walls are moveable to create different displays. Exhibits will change approximately every 30 to 60 days.

Currently, the gallery’s theme is “Tuning Up Your Space,” with a variety of artwork, including a 3-D exhibit that requires 3-D glasses for viewing. The exhibit will be up through the end of February.

In addition to artwork, High Frequency Arts has a conference room and event space that are available for rent. The gallery also offers art consulting.

Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness said High Frequency Arts will bring an array of art offerings to the city.

“Art and culture is part of the fabric of our community, and several years ago we set out to create a Fishers that embodied a smart, vibrant and entrepreneurial city,” Fadness stated. “We look forward to opening the city’s first art gallery, High Frequency Arts, that not only brings high-quality, diverse art offerings but integrates entrepreneurship and fosters future generations of artists here in our downtown area.”

The gallery is free and open to the public. A variety of ticketed events are conducted at the gallery. For hours and events list, visit highfrequencyarts.com.

CIF COVER 0129 High Frequency Arts2
Jill Lehman pauses inside High Frequency Arts, an art gallery in Fishers that also serves as an event space and conference room.

Options at High Frequency Arts

Jill Lehman, gallerist for High Frequency Arts, said the most valuable piece of advice she ever received with regard to the art world is, “When it comes to art and business, you can’t be all things to all people. Just have a passion for it and be good at what you do.”

At High Frequency Arts, the majority of works are figurative abstract pieces and contemporary pieces, with local, regional and national artists represented.

“In our gallery and consulting practice, we represent artists at all price levels from emerging to professional, Lehman said. “For us, it is about service, quality and good value, whether you are new to collecting or you’re a seasoned collector wanting one-of-a-kind pieces.”

The lowest-priced artwork is approximately $350. The high end for pieces is $10,000.