City Government Academy allows residents to learn about Fishers


By Jessica Hoover

The City Government Academy is designed to give Fishers residents a behind-the-scenes look at local government and the community. The 10-week program meets once a week and runs Feb. 13 to April 16.

CIF COM 0205 CityGovernmentAcademy
Rick Farnham, center, educates City Government Academy participants on the wastewater treatment plant in Fishers. (Submitted photo)

Residents will have the opportunity to connect with city leaders and learn more about the day-to-day operations of Fishers facilities and departments.

“The program starts off with our introduction and orientation, and each week after that, a different department within Fishers will host a class and will teach them about what they do,” said Dan Domsic, community engagement and volunteer manager for the City of Fishers.

Some of the facilities and departments featured in City Government Academy include the Fishers Police Dept., Fishers Fire & Emergency Services, HSE Schools, Parks & Recreation, city court, Wastewater Treatment and other agencies. Some sessions will include tours of department buildings.

“The wastewater treatment plant I think interests a lot of people,” Domsic said. “I think it’s because people pay their monthly sewer bill but they don’t really think about how those things work. When they go on the tour of the facility, and it takes that water and puts it back into the White River, they’re getting up close and personal to see all of the things that go into that kind of work.”

City Government Academy is free for Fishers residents ages 18 and older. Those interested must register by Feb. 7. To register or to learn more, visit

“I think one of the very cool things about this is that the individual departments that make up the city get to have a wide interaction with people to show them what it takes to run the city and (to talk about) how passionate about it they are,” Domsic said. “They can build those relationships and knock down a lot of walls. It really makes people a little more comfortable with government.”