The Recovery Room expands to Grand Park in Westfield


The Recovery Room, formerly known as A Better You Wellness, in Carmel will open a second location in Grand Park at 200 E. 186th St., Westfield, inside the Pacers Athletic Center.

CIW Business local 0129 TheRecoveryRoom
John Miles is the co-owner of The Recovery Room, which has plans to expand to Westfield. (Submitted photo)

The Recovery Room specializes in sports recovery.

“We help people recover quicker after workouts, after injuries and after surgery,” co-owner John Miles said. “Our services have a lot of mental benefits, too. Because we help with circulation and getting more oxygen to the brain, we can help with things like anxiety. We can help with a variety of issues, but we mostly see athletes recovering after workouts.”

Services at the new location will include whole body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy, NeuroSpa, Game Ready and NormaTec.

“Game Ready is compression combined with hot and cold therapy,” Miles said. “It takes your skin temperature from upwards of around 120 degrees down to around 40 degrees in about 20 seconds. NeuroSpa is a chair that combines vibration, sound and light therapy together. It helps your body get out of the fight-or-flight response, so it helps your brain kind of turn off for a little bit.”

Day passes, monthly passes and annual passes are available. Pricing will be the same at both locations, although the Westfield location will not offer the same infrared sauna or float tanks offered at the Carmel site.

“The day pass will be $39, a month pass will be $89 and an annual pass will be $799,” Miles said.

The Carmel location opened in 2016. Miles plans to open the Westfield location by March.

“One of our biggest demographics is student-athletes,” Miles said. “Having the opportunity to place ourselves inside Grand Park and inside the Pacers Athletic Center gives us the opportunity to get in front of a ton of them.”

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