The Laundry Co., a laundry concierge business, launches in Zionsville


Kristine Barrientos was looking for a laundromat in Zionsville when she realized there weren’t any.

She thought she would solve the problem by starting her own laundromat in Zionsville, but one of her business-oriented friends told her she would never make her money back because most people don’t need laundromats.

That’s when Barrientos got creative.

Kristine Barrientos is the owner of the Laundry Co., a laundry concierge service in Zionsville. (Submitted photo)

“I wanted to change the industry and meet the market with what they need,” she said. “I started playing with that business plan, and last May I came up with some ideas and started a social media page, created a business page and started putting it (The Laundry Co.) out there.”

The Laundry Co. is a laundry concierge service, whereby Barrientos picks laundry up from a customer at their home. She washes, dries and folds it and then returns it.

“We are making them feel special, specializing the specifics to what they want and making them feel good about it,” she said. “They don’t have to ever think about the chore. They’re just putting it away.”

Barrientos said most of her customers are families, who pay by $2.25 per pound of laundry.

“People get excited about it. The idea of outsourcing your laundry seems like a luxury, but the relief and stress it takes off, not just a family, but anyone,” Barrientos said.

Barrientos said typically, a family of four produces 70 to 120 pounds of laundry a week. An average laundry load is 25 pounds.

When she began her business, Barrientos purchased the largest residential washers and dryers she could find and placed them in her garage, but the business has now reached a point where it has outgrown the garage.

“We are now at a place we are looking at spaces for our own space,” Barrientos said.

The Laundry Co. also offers refolding services, closet reorganization and more. For more, visit The Laundry Co. on Facebook.