Letter: Brainard campaign sinks to desperate low



I and many others, not dependent on the Brainard administration for our livelihood, have experienced the disregard for the truth that has come to symbolize Jim Brainard’s later years in office.

His campaign has sunk to a new and obviously desperate low with the latest hit piece attacking Fred Glynn. Brainard’s campaign makes the totally false claim that Fred had numerous tax liens filed against him and has taxes unpaid. This is a shameless lie by a campaign built on lies! The Brainard campaign seems frantic to malign and smear a candidate whom they cannot beat on his record or the facts.

They cite as “proof” a letter written by an appointee of the mayor, a letter sent to and published in the Hamilton County Reporter, a news outlet few have heard of before. This is a story that several reputable news outlets refused to run despite repeated efforts by Brainard’s campaign. They did not run the story because it was quickly proven to be false!

This type of unethical behavior isn’t new for Jim Brainard, but this time the harm goes beyond a political opponent and causes potential harm to Fred’s wife, who is a CPA and not a public figure. These specious lies could have put her career in jeopardy. I call on the news outlets that were approached with this plant and refused to run the story to now disclose this fact to the public.

Jim Brainard did a good deal for Carmel but his days are in the past! Twenty-four years of one-man rule is enough.

Carmel deserves a mayor who does not feel the need to blatantly lie about his opponent to win a race. Brainard’s campaign of lies deserves defeat at the polls. Carmel needs and deserves Mayor Fred Glynn!

Rick Sharp, former Carmel City Council member and mayoral candidate