Carmel, Anderson senior home care businesses merge


For Van Andrews, the merger made total sense.

The Carmel resident recently merged his Right at Home franchise with the Right at Home franchise in Anderson owned by George Davidson and Barry Sharp.

“Between the three of us we have over 100 years of business experience. We think that bodes well as we look a profit and loss statements, balance sheets,” Andrews said. “Three heads are better than one.”

Right at Home provides care for seniors in their own home.

Andrews’ office is in Carmel at 450 E. 96th St., but he said he needs more space and tentatively plans to move to 86th Street in Indianapolis in June.

Andrews said merging into one Right at Home business was the right move for several reasons.

“The first reason is more continuity of care,” Andrews said. “One of the things we’ve seen is people continue to live longer, and if that happens the care changes. We need higher-skilled people to take care of some of our clients. So with the merger of the two companies, we picked up skilled care.”

Andrews said there is a director of nursing in Anderson and the business has more nurses in Indianapolis and Hamilton County.

“Our whole care management will be run by nurses instead of us just going out doing assessment with our clients,” he said.

Andrews said the company’s mission is to take care of the client and primary caregiver, usually a son, daughter, wife or husband.

Andrews said that responsibility can become overwhelming for family members.

“With our nurses, we can go in and be advocates for our clients, especially if they have to go in and have a conversation with the doctors,” Andrews said.

The merger is made easier, Andrews said, because the companies use the same software and have the same parent company in Omaha.

“Corporate knows both of our companies and think (the merger) is a good thing,” he said. “Our staff knows each other.”