Square Donuts opens in downtown Zionsville


By Jarred Meeks

In March, Square Donuts opened a store Zionsville. Mike Cole, owner of the Zionsville operation and neighboring Greek’s Pizzeria , said he noticed a lack of fresh doughnuts options in the town and sought to capitalize on the opportunity after the town’s last doughnut shop went out of business.

Cole opened the donut store in Greek’s Pizzeria’s seldom-used party room off of 1st Street.

“That room was never being used in the morning,” Cole said. “So, I just had this idea of, ‘Hey, why can’t I just sell doughnuts out of here in the morning?’”

Square Donuts is open from 7 to 11 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Customers go through the 1st Street entrance to gain access.

Each morning, a variety of doughnuts are made at the Square Donuts location in Carmel and are shipped to Zionsville around 3 a.m. and arrive by 6 a.m.

“On the weekends, it is steady,” store manager Kim Harpel said of business. “We have sold out a couple of times.”

Harpel added that it is not uncommon for customers to leave with several dozen on their way to work during the week or stop in with their children for a quick breakfast on the weekend.

“A lot of the schools will order doughnuts and businesses and people like that,” Cole said. “They’ll just pick them up in the morning. They’re a unique thing: They are doughnuts that are square, not round.”