Letter: Appreciative of inspirational story



I was just incredulous at the article you wrote for Erin in Current. It was just spectacular. Not just that, but you captured the essence of the wonder and the survival and triumph of that young girl.

Your words expressed and described the path that she had taken since the terror and how the path was one that led to incredible reversal of fortune: The victim helping other victims of unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

I don’t know how you decided as editor to put Erin and us on the cover, but I can tell you that it’s had a tremendous impact all over your (coverage) area. Putting such a positive story on the cover, I’ve been told by many people, was just such a wonderful and welcome diversion from the normal politics and bad news that is rampant in the press these days.

I am still getting people telling me they saw the picture and read the article. It was captivating and is staying in people’s minds. I have had countless patients of mine, when I go in the exam room, say they saw and read it, and they say it with such a smile and then say how inspired they were by the story. I’ve had neighbors and friends text me and email me similarly, and so has Erin and her family.

At InCycle, they display the article at the front desk, and so many have asked about it who live outside the Carmel delivery area. It’s been all over Facebook and other social media sites. It is remarkable how far the reach of Current goes – people really do read and enjoy it.

Erin and her family will never forget you spending so many hours at our home and talking with them and even taking over as an expert photographer. The cover photo was just a snapshot that reveals so many things going on in each of our minds.

Thank you for all that you did and for all that you are doing.

Nick Hrisomalos, Carmel