Java House now open in Clay Terrace


Java House owner Ted Gelov is convinced cold-brewed coffee is the future.

Java House officially opened its first coffee bar May 9 at 14390 Clay Terrace Blvd. in Carmel

CIC DOUGH 0521 Java House
Michael Moe, his daughter, Mila, and wife, Cassandra Moe, at Java House in Clay Terrace during the May 9 opening event. (Photo by Mark Ambrogi)

“It’s our factory coffee experience brought to life so we can introduce the idea of cold-brewed coffee to Carmel residents and guests of the city,” Gelov said. “Cold-brewed is the process of taking roasted coffee steeping in cold water, and after it goes through the extraction process, you can serve it hot, cold or nitro in a variety of ways — black, cappuccino, latte, frappe. We have specialty coffee drinks as well.”

Gelov said using cold-brewed instead of hot gives the coffee a richer, smoother taste without the acid.

“Cold brew is becoming more popular. The way we do it at Java House is unique. We have a lot of intellectual property around the way we prepare,” Gelov said.

Gelov owns Heartland Food Products, which is Java House’s parent company and the owner and makers of Splenda, a sweetener. Java House is available at retailers throughout the nation.

Heartland’s corporate offices are right above Java House, which has seven meeting rooms to rent.

“It’s an awesome location at Clay Terrace with a lot of great businesses and restaurants,” Gelov said. “We think it’s a great location for (customers) to experience this new coffee. We think the coffee experience is like none other. It’s really smooth, no bitterness. The star of Java House is the coffee bean. Each coffee bean has a unique flavor to it. If you don’t use hot water, you use cold water and you are not destroying that flavor taste.”

The roasts are Colombian, Ethiopian, Sumatran and decaf. After selecting the roast,  customers choose hot, cold or nitro.

Gelov and his wife, Angela, have lived in Carmel for 30 years.

Gelov’s daughter, Cassandra Moe, was the project manager for the new coffee house.

“She’s the leader behind this store concept,” Gelov said. “It was an idea from Heartland, and Cassandra really made it happen.”

Moe’s daughter, Mila, was born in September 2018.

“I didn’t want to come back to a field strategy role that I was in that was very meeting-focused for Heartland,” Moe said. “They put me on this project and said, ‘Let’s launch our first store of hopefully many.”

Moe’s husband, Michael Moe, works for Heartland as well.