Car condo proposed for Westfield, could break ground this fall


By Michael Rheinheimer

A local team of car enthusiasts is working to build Indiana’s first car condominium. The team of Jay Farmer, Travis May and Eric Bachelart, owner of Conquest Motors, want to break ground this fall. They introduced the proposal at the June 3 Westfield Advisory Plan Commission meeting.

Modeled after the Automotorplex in Minneapolis, Farmer said his team has partnered with Bruno Silikowski, developer of the Automotorplex in Chanhassen, Minn. Farmer said it’s the most successful car condo in the nation.

“We’ll be basing a lot of our thinking on what he’s done over the last dozen years or so,” he said.

Farmer said the condo is less about storing cars than it is about building personal bonds.

“We’re all car guys, and we thought it was really cool to have a place where car people could have their own community with their like-minded enthusiasts and collectors,” he said. “We thought it would be a lot of fun to have a place where people can house their collections.”

If approved, the condo will sell white-box spaces. Customers will be able to design the space however they want. Farmer said they’ll only be limited by their imaginations. With that much creative freedom, he expects people to incorporate their other passions.

“People will even use it for wine collections, cigar aficionados, even artwork,” he said.

The condo’s target demographic is the high-end collector community. The team believes the development will bring excitement and investment opportunities to the city.

“These aren’t going to be dirty garages,” Farmer said. “These are going to be very nice, very upscale. I think it will draw the right kind of, not only members, but interest in things like charity events that we expect to host. “

If approved, the condo will be built near the northwest corner of Ind. 32 and Ditch Road.