Where’s Amy attends “La Casa Azul The Musical” on opening night


Where’s Amy attended “La Casa Azul The Musical” on opening night July 11 at Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis. The production was presented by Gregory Glade (whose last name is Hancock but is using his middle name for marketing purposes for this production) and Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre. The show included professional actors New York and Texas. Stage Director Georgina Escobar (NYC) worked closely with Glade and produced an amazing musical about the life and times of popular artist Frida Kahlo. Everything about the production is spot on. The acting, set, lighting, costumes and music will blow you away. Mark my words, “La Casa Azul” is Broadway-bound. You will love seeing our local talent soar and want more. The show runs through July 28. For tickets, call 317-635-7529 or visit phoenixtheatre.org