CCS aims to be ‘best at getting better’ in upcoming school year 


When Michael Beresford became superintendent of Carmel Clay Schools in July 2018, the district was hoping to find some stability after a school year that included cutting ties with the previous superintendent, several security scares and a tough decision to close an elementary school.

So Beresford, who had previously been an assistant superintendent at Hamilton Southeastern Schools, chose a theme for his first school year in Carmel that he hoped would unify students, teachers and the community: Together, We’re Better.

Beresford described his first year as a superintendent as filled with learning curves and relationship building, but most importantly he said he saw CCS and the community pull together as a team.

“We really did embrace that notion that together we’re better,” Beresford said. “Carmel is a special place, and a big part of that is because the community really works together. That was my goal, to pull everybody together.”

As he heads into his second year on the job, Beresford said his theme for the 2019-20 school year will be “CCS wants to be … the best at getting better.”

Everyone wants to be the best, he said, but defining and measuring that standard is subjective. So he’s asking the CCS community to strive to be better in their own realm.

“If each and every member of the team commits to continuous improvement, then we don’t have to worry about winning or losing,” he said. “Success will take care of itself.”

He said the theme is one he expects to resonate with everyone from students to top administrators throughout the entire school year.

“It takes the pressure off of you,” Beresford said. “A lot of our anxiety these days is because we’re always comparing ourselves to one another. Everybody’s got something they can work on. None of us are perfect, so let’s just work on getting better in our own individual sets and groups.”