Eleven Fifty Academy to expand to downtown Indianapolis, keeps Fishers classrooms


Eleven Fifty Academy recently announced it will move its national headquarters from Fishers to downtown Indianapolis, 151 W. Ohio St., but it will keep three full-sized classrooms at Launch Fishers, 12175 Visionary Way.

Chief Learning Officer Jonathan Huer said the reason for the move is to reach more students.


“By moving downtown and adding some more classrooms down there and working with different organizations and partners and whatnot in that area, it just allows us to reach a broader spectrum of potential students as well as be closer to bigger companies downtown and the (Indiana) Statehouse,” Huer said. “Personally, I don’t see it as abandoning Fishers or leaving. I think what Launch and the IoT Lab does is incredible and an incredibly valuable service.

“It creates a really unique ecosystem vital to growing tech companies, and we don’t want to accidentally squeeze a space better utilized for a company to get started and get off the ground.”

Huer said the move will take approximately two months. Eleven Fifty Academy will occupy a 25,000-square-foot space with five classrooms and career development offices. The move is a $5 million investment, and it will grow the Eleven Fifty Academy’s staff to 150 during the next six years.

Eleven Fifty Academy is a nonprofit focused on high quality, immersive software development courses designed to accelerate the learning curve, according to its website. Full-time classes are 12 weeks. Part-time night classes are 24 weeks. Eleven Fifty Academy’s mission is to build an ecosystem of coding talent that financially benefits individuals, employers and the community.

With the consolidation of its Fishers location, six classes will be conducted simultaneously in the three classrooms, including three full-time day classes and three part-time night classes.

“It’s more than enough to serve the need of the area,” Huer said. “Being a tech person, being at that intersection of education and technology, I want to meet learners where they are. To me, it’s more about, how can we be where students need to be? Students commute over an hour to be here, one way.”

Huer said he has no plans to offer online classes. 

For more, visit elevenfifty.org.