Letter: Standing by the letter



In response to two letters in Current in Westfield, I apologize for my goof. I misinterpreted Jenifer Christie’s website and filing and thought she was a Republican. She is a Democrat running for our 5th District congressional seat and has every right to express her thoughts.

But I stand by the rest of my letter on the fallacies of global climate change. The 97 percent issue was debunked years ago, and I remind my critics that I study peer-reviewed journals regularly. CO2 does not cause climate change and the Atlantic cooling cycle is in its third year and the sun has reversed from sun flares to sun spots causing a cooling cycle, and the University of Iceland reports its (nation’s) ice is growing.

Science requires peer review and is never settled. “If it’s consensus it is not science.” New research has clearly demonstrated that trees and crops grow bigger and faster when grown in higher CO2.

Frightening people, especially students, to believe climate change leads to disaster is practiced by many, but those of us who study the research know that climate is a political tool of globalists – a redistribution of the U.S.’s wealth.

Mic Mead,