Zionsville Community Schools launches Food for Thought


By Desiree Williams

As part of the Strong Communities Gather. Talk. Act. series introduced in the spring, Zionsville Community Schools recently launched Food for Thought, an evening event with fine dining and conversation.

Food for Thought was inspired by a similar event on the East Coast called Civic Dinners, designed to encourage meaningful conversations in the community while breaking bread. The four-part series caters to the Cultural Understandings pillar of the Strong in Every Way campaign, which Chief Academic Officer Kris Devereaux said is the district’s next focus.

“We truly believe in partnering with our parents and with our community to make the best experience for our students, and one of the ways to do that is to have a strong community that gathers to talk about important issues,” she said

The first gathering, held Oct. 22 at Cobblestone, drew 24 participants to discuss community and explore what it means to say someone is or isn’t part of a specific community. Three members of the Cultural Understandings District Team served as facilitators. They guided the conversation with three prompts, opening with “where have you felt the most sense of belonging?”

“Our community continues to change and grow in diversity in all different ways, and we think as we continue to have more diversity and discussions and learn about each other and from each other and celebrate our differences, that does nothing but benefit our students,” Devereaux said.

Devereaux wants to make Food for Thought a regular series and to partner with new restaurants along the way.

The next Food for Thought gathering is set for January 2020. There is no registration fee, but guests must pay for their own dinner.