Let’s end one-party rule in Carmel



Since 1976, Carmel voters have been electing city council members, all who have been Republicans. Isn’t it time for Carmel voters to end the 43 years of one-party rule?

Voting the same party into power election after election tends to stifle different opinions and creates an echo chamber of agreement in all parts of city government.

For the first time in several years, Democrats are seriously competing for city council seats. William Howard is one of these candidates, and he is running in the North District.

While canvassing for William, we have heard from many voters who have expressed concerns about their voices not being heard. Among other things, they have expressed concerns on diverse issues such as excessive city spending, safety concerns on crossing Rohrer Road to and from the Monon parking lot and storm sewer issues resulting in standing water (drawing mosquitos) on Village Drive East.

William believes in community outreach, in terms of asking constituents what their concerns are, what matters most to them and being their advocate.

Please vote for William on Election Day.

James Blessing, Carmel