Noblesville woman launches parenting blog


Kristen Wolfred always knew she wanted to be a parent, embracing the lifelong commitment filled with joys along with hard work along the way. The Noblesville resident’s three children are now young adults, and Wolfred wants to share what she has learned on her journey as a parent with others.

“I was participating in a mentoring program, and I was doing some soul-searching type exercises,” Wolfred said. “I was thinking about how I have always wanted to write a book about parenting because it’s been a passion of mine.”

Wolfred worried that writing a book was too daunting of a task, so in February, she decided to start a little smaller with a blog she titled “Parenthood – The Job of Your Lifetime.”

“Blogging has become very popular,” Wolfred said. “I decided I would start the blog and share my insights and stories. It’s become an outlet for me. I would never say parenting is an easy job, but I do think there are some simple things parents can do to make it a little easier.”

Wolfred is a mother to Alex, 23, Jordan, 21, and Jack, 19.

“I share little quips and stories about, you know, different things I’ve experienced with my kids,” Wolfred said. “I always ask my husband and my kids to review every blog entry before I post it. I don’t want to infringe on them or their privacy or tell the story the wrong way, so they are my editors.”

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