Lloyd Riley photography exhibit opens next month


By Kelsey Musick

Lloyd Riley was a well-known local photojournalist who captured life in Zionsville and surrounding areas. A SullivanMunce Cultural Center exhibition of photographs called the “Lloyd Riley Collection” was created in his honor.

The collection showcases the work of Lloyd Riley. A goal is to add photographs from Zionsville residents to the Historical Collection, which documents life in Zionsville, past and present. 

Cynthia Young, Zionsville’s SullivanMunce Cultural Center executive director, said it was fun to see sort submitted photos, new and old.

“Lloyd Riley photographs, and photographs submitted by residents, will be included in the exhibit,” Young said. “Our museum will also have a display of cameras from our collections.”

A contest winner has not yet been selected, but will be identified in the exhibit.

“The contest for this year is over, but my hope is to make it a habit for Zionsville residents to submit photos to us on a regular basis, new and old,” Young said. “People in the future will be so grateful. We will be adding a way to do this to our website. We need to keep the pictures and conversations going. I would like to thank the community taking part in this contest.”

The Lloyd Riley Collection will be displayed at the SullivanMunce Cultural Center, 225 West Hawthorne St. The exhibition will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Dec. 7 through Feb. 22, 2020. All ages are welcome. Zionsville Monthly is a sponsor for the exhibit.