Man arrested on false reporting charge


After a 7-month investigation, the Whitestown Metropolitan Police Dept. arrested a Whitestown resident after the man allegedly falsely reported an armed hostage situation.

In the early morning of July 2, the Whitestown Metropolitan Police Dept. responded to a possible hostage situation in the Legacy Core of Whitestown.

A man had called the Indiana State Police post in Versailles reporting he and two others had multiple hostages at a house in Whitestown. The reported hostage takers said they were carrying firearms and threatened to kill hostages if police responded, according to a press release.

Officers with the Whitestown Municipal Police Dept., Boone County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana State Police and Zionsville Police Dept. responded to the location and determined the call to be a false report, making a Whitestown resident an apparent victim of a swatting incident, a term used when an individual makes a false report to authorities in hopes of a police or SWAT/SRT response being sent to a residence.

Following a seven-month investigation, detectives with the WMPD identified Adam Fitch, a 40-year-old Whitestown resident, as a suspect.

Detectives arrested Fitch on Dec. 23.