Zionsville road reopens


By Jarred Meeks

Zionsville Road reopened Dec. 23. A Dec. 19 progress meeting confirmed recent snowstorms didn’t hamper construction, which was completed as scheduled.

Zionsville Road had been closed as a part of a reconstruction project to widen a 1-mile section of the road – altering it from a two-lane road to a three-lane road – and adding a multi-use pathway along each side.

“The construction season closes down over the winter,” Zionsville Street and Stormwater Superintendent Lance Lantz said. “The temperature and weather is not conducive to road projects. Materials cease production. There is always a point when you have to close things up for the winter, button them up.

“We did not want to go into the next three months, give or take, with that road continuing to be closed, so we wanted to get it to a condition where it will support traffic over the winter.”

The project began in the spring of 2019 and is expected to reach substantial completion, the point when all elements have been installed and completed, in mid-May, Lantz said.

Construction was delayed for nearly four weeks because of a rainy spring season and several unexpected utility roadblocks, but the town was able to open the road to traffic in December.

When final construction activities resume in the spring of 2020, long-term re-closures are not be expected, according to town officials.

The road will be widened from two to three lanes when a center turn lane is added between Technology Center Drive and 106th Street. The project also includes adding a bike path on the west side of the road.