Upgrades coming to Carmel’s Museum of Miniature Houses


The Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections received a capital grant in December 2019 from the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation to make upgrades to the Carmel attraction.

“I applied for the grant, and the title of my proposal was called ‘Lessening Light and Listening Right,’” Executive Director Elaine Mancini. “The grant goes into effect this year and is in the amount of $14,397. I had to detail exactly how much money I thought we needed to make some overdue updates to the museum.”

Planned updates include room-darkening window treatments.

“The front room is not part of the original 1894 farmhouse,” Mancini said. “That was an addition put on in 2009. The city helped us with a grant, and part of the requirements were to install large windows so it would look nice from the street.”

The problem with the windows is that a large amount of sunlight streams into the displays, creating a glare.

“In the last several years, we have started utilizing our front room for events,” Mancini said. “A lot of our artists like to do PowerPoint presentations, and it’s hard to see those with light streaming in through the windows.”

Remote-controlled window treatments will be installed on the windows. The other planned upgrade is to the audio tour. All guests are offered the self-guided free tour of the museum to learn about specific exhibits.

“Our current system is over 10 years old,” Mancini said. “It’s not easily changed, and we wanted to utilize something where we could easily make changes if we move items around within the museum.”

Mancini noted there are approximately 30 items on the tour, but with the new software, the museum would be able to increase the number to 70 or 80 pieces.

The upgrades are expected to be complete in 2020. For more, visit museumofminiatures.org.