BAE Latin Food sets February opening in Carmel


A new restaurant concept coming to Carmel started in a group chat of five restaurant, finance and marketing professionals from China, Peru, Venezuela, Portugal and Indianapolis.

BAE Latin Food is set to open at 14580 River Rd., Suite 190, in February. Co-owner and CEO Luis Beauperthuy said although the restaurant is ready to go, he and fellow owners Alberto Araujo and Michel Beauperthuy, who will serve as the Carmel restaurant’s general manager, are waiting for final inspections and food tests.

“We are Venezuelan immigrants looking for the American dream. This is a project that we started in the summer of 2018,” Beauperthuy said. “Our initial intention was to achieve a Latin-Asian fusion and start with China. Nevertheless, different circumstances, separation of some initial members and a magical coincidence of three of five friends (landing) in Indianapolis, we restructured (to create) BAE Latin Food.”

A diverse menu that includes breakfast dishes as well as bombas (burgers), the restaurant also will specialize in pepitos (sandwiches made with baguette bread), parillas (grilled foods) and a variety of side dishes that include fried yuca, fried sweet plantains with cheese and more.

Beauperthuy said the restaurant will mix mostly Venezuelan, Mexican, Colombian, Peruvian and Argentinian dishes.

“We are three childhood friends who, after more than 30 years of friendship and more than 25 years of work experience, will come together to create and grow the BAE brand,” Beauperthuy said. “We don’t want to involve the economic and social situation which crosses our country of origin. We are simply professionals who decided to cross borders, and despite the adversities and individual struggles, we are working to be better every day and merge our culture with the North American culture. The fusion is the flag, and the experience our mast.”

Luis said the Carmel location is expected to be the first of many. With plans to open at least four more restaurants by the end of 2021, work is being done to find a location in Noblesville to open by the end of the year.