Council leaders chosen, committees formed


The Westfield City Council met Jan. 13 for its first meeting of 2020. Council members are Joe Edwards, Scott Frei, Jake Gilbert, Mike Johns, Troy Patton, Cindy Spoljaric and Scott Willis. The next meeting is set for 7 p.m. Jan. 27 at City Hall, 130 Penn St. For more, or to see an agenda, visit

CIW COM 0212 JoeEdwards

What happened: The council elected a president and vice president.

What it means: Joe Edwards was unanimously elected president. He then nominated Scott Willis to serve as vice president, with councilors voting 7-0.


What happened: The council made appointments to the Westfield Advisory Plan Commission and the Westfield Redevelopment Commission.

What it means: Councilors Cindy Spoljaric, Mike Johns and resident Kristin Burkman were appointed to the plan commission, and residents Robert Christman and Melissa Risk were appointed to the redevelopment commission.


What happened: The council introduced an amendment ordinance for the Davis planned unit development.

What it means: Estridge Homes representatives want to make an amendment to the PUD to cover areas that they say are not clear for their development at the southwest corner of Ditch Road and 161st Street called the Serenade subdivision. Specifically, they are looking to add language to clearly define architectural standards to allow features like dormers or shutter roofs to not have the same roof overhang requirements as the main roof of a structure. In addition, the ordinance, if approved, also would allow for architectural wing walls to encroach into setbacks and easements.

A public hearing for the amendment request is set for the Jan. 21 Westfield Advisory Plan Commission meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 130 Penn St. The city council will take a final vote at its Jan. 27 meeting.


What happened: The council approved a resolution regarding budget presentations.

What it means: Each year, the council approves a similar resolution requiring city administration to present a budget update, along with any changes to the planned budget.

The council approved the resolution 7-0.


What happened: The council approved a resolution creating council committees for 2020.

What it means: The council created finance and oversight committees, something councilors said is common for municipal bodies. President Joe Edwards said he visited Noblesville to observe how its common council utilizes finance and oversight committees.

Edwards appointed councilor Troy Patton to the finance committee and Jake Gilbert to the oversight committee. Patton then appointed councilors Scott Frei and Joe Edwards, and Gilbert appointed Scott Willis and Troy Patton, to serve on their respective committees.

The council approved the creation of the committees, 7-0.

What happened:
The council approved an ordinance to establish bidding requirements.

What it means: The ordinance makes a change to how some purchases will be made. Now, any purchase more than $150,000 can’t be made without obtaining three bids on the fulfillment of the initiative, including contracts, supplies, materials, equipment, construction or improvements, etc.