Letter: Opioid crisis affects all



I am an eighth-grade student at Clay Middle School. We are doing a project on reform movements. We have to take actions in this project to work toward our goal. One of my actions is writing to a local newspaper to spread awareness about my topic and goal.

My reform topic is the opioid crisis. This war against drugs is impacting many families, including local ones. Everyone has at least one family member, distant or close, that is affected by opioids. This is a war that we all need to fight to make sure our local families can get the help they need.

I want to change how Hamilton County sentences the addicts they arrest. I think it would be more beneficial for the addicts to be sent to a rehabilitation center for the time of their sentence. I feel like this would help them mentally instead of putting them in a cell with others that they can’t relate to or get help from as they attempt to better themselves as people. This would also free up more space in the jails for other arrests that are more urgent and more important than drug addicts.

Jerrika Pharis, Carmel