Opinion: Survey says …


If on the publisher list for a local newspaper, expect to receive scores of unsolicited press releases, important news announcements and, unfortunately, hostile perspective. Most is harmless enough, including urgings to sell books, print interviews and encourage consultancy for a limitless array of previously unknown “national experts.” Usually advanced by a PR firm, the author/speaker/expert may not be proficient in the field touted but has mastered the art of mass manipulation. 

Sadly, about half of these “urgent” messages that newspapers are encouraged to print are intentionally polarizing opinion. The headlines scream, “All of my ethnic group believes X – and all of the other ethnic groups believe Y.” Well, maybe. “The virus will kill us all.” “The virus is an attack by China.” “The virus is as fake as the moon landing.” If so many folks didn’t buy into the extreme rhetoric, it would all be entertaining enough. 

The most enjoyable of them assert some survey superiority. They measure habits, choices and peccadillos garnering, with broad speculation, our natures. Via Haley, who it seems knows the intended recipient well absent of any former communication, at rnpublicrelationsgroup reports that Indiana is the 29th-heaviest drinking state in America. That puts us at the 42nd percentile – a solid fail to Haley. About half of us drink. A third binge-drink, consuming per capita the 18th percentile and are catching up at 88th of new drinkers and 66th in craft breweries. Who knows if any of it is true However, we are reminded to use caution. Indiana is not the biggest drinking state, or the least. It is not the most likely for arrest, nor does it have the highest death rate. Still, is it worth it? There is much life to live, and prisons — or, for that matter — cemeteries, are not on this paper’s delivery route.