Letter: All are not welcome in Catholic church



In a recent story quoting St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church parishioner Scott Cunningham regarding the suspension of Rev. Ted Rothrock, he states, “In the Catholic faith, all are welcome. You can’t make strides in that area and then also be a racist and be exclusive.”

If that was true in the church, why are extremely qualified teachers being fired from our Catholic schools because they are married and gay? I was raised Catholic and spent more than 40 years as a practicing Catholic, and I was always taught (and truly believed) that God loves and accepts everyone. If God was literally present today, he would not judge these good people and would not forbid them from serving these schools and students.

The church will not allow women to become priests, and there are very few nonwhite ordained priests. This is not inclusive! All are not welcome.

Judy Sholly, Carmel