Fishers Health Dept. lowers COVID-19 risk rating


On Sept.1, the Fishers Health Dept. lowered the community risk rating from Level 3 to a Level 2, or moderate. The reduction was made due to an improvement in case incidence and percent positivity rates of COVID-19 in Fishers.

Per Level 2, healthy, non-high-risk individuals are cautioned to avoid large gatherings of more than 30 people. High-risk individuals are recommended to avoid large gatherings of more than eight people outside of the household and only use take-out/delivery service instead of in-person dining. High-risk individuals are still encouraged to only go out for essential items.

The Fishers Health Dept. also recommends all Fishers-based schools to reinstate or continue full in-person learning for elementary grades. Middle and high school grades operate in a hybrid learning model to decrease spread within the schools.

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