Letter: Let’s give someone else a chance at governor



Indiana hit a record today but it is not a record to be proud of but an indicator of failed leadership at the state level as well as at the federal level. There were 2,328 new cases of coronavirus on Oct. 16 in Indiana along with 22 new deaths. Other states as well as other countries have done a far better job of dealing with the virus. In Indiana the lack of leadership in health care extends to the issue of marijuana, which many Hoosiers, including veterans, need to ease their pain. We are blessed in one regard, we have three choices for governor. The current governor has chosen the path of doing little or nothing on both these health care issues. The Democratic challenger is a medical doctor with experience in public health. The Libertarian candidate is for legalizing marijuana an answer to that problem. The governor brags in fancy ads about jobs while Illinois and Michigan, our neighboring states rake in money from Hoosiers needing medical marijuana and thereby creating jobs that could be created in Indiana. Let’s give someone new a chance to move Indiana forward.

Mike Boland, Fishers