Westfield plan commission sends Courtyards of Westfield to council


After some members of the Westfield Advisory Plan Commission expressed concerns about the Courtyards of Westfield planned unit development zoning request, it sent the proposal to the Westfield City Council with a unanimous favorable recommendation.

The Courtyards of Westfield include 94 courtyard-style, single-family homes on 33.5 acres southwest of 151st Street and Towne Road. Matt Skelton, a partner with Church, Church, Hittle and Antrim, presented the proposal to the APC at its Dec. 8 meeting.

Skelton said the petitioner incorporated some of the changes the APC requested at a previous meeting, including adding more amenities such as a pickleball court, an outdoor fireplace and an enhanced buffer along a shared property line.

“We took that item to heart, and we spent a bit of time both internally and working with the neighbor to try to figure out how to accommodate that request,” Skelton said. “We went through six or seven different iterations of concept plans trying to accommodate the 60-foot-wide buffer area requested. We were able to accomplish that, but in doing so there were a few changes made to the concept plan, not the least of which was the elimination of about five lots. We do have the 60-foot buffer and are able to bump up our buffer planting requirements to beef things up a little bit.”
APC member Cindy Spoljaric, who also serves on the Westfield City Council, expressed concern about the homes’ rear facades facing Towne Road. However, Skelton said that the rear facades would incorporate a masonry wall with a 6-foot fence and landscaping and another four-rail farm fence.

“Then, there’s another layer of landscaping between the fence and Towne Road,” Skelton said. “Keep in mind, the rear elevations of these homes is not the norm. There’s layers of things between Towne Road and the rear elevations of these homes.”

After the concerns were addressed, the plan commission unanimously sent the proposal to the Westfield City Council with a favorable request. For more, visit westfield.in.gov.