Carmel City Council approves $60M bond for road improvements in Home Place, redevelopment areas


The Carmel City Council on March 1 approved $60 million in bonds to pay for road improvements primarily in Home Place and redevelopment areas.

The council prioritized the projects in the bond ordinance as follows:

  • Smoky Row Road between Old Meridian Street and Range Line Road
  • 3rd Avenue between Main Street and City Center Drive
  • Intersection improvements at 96th Street and College Avenue (roundabout)
  • Intersection improvements at 106th Street and College Avenue (roundabout)
  • Intersection improvements at 106th Street and Westfield Boulevard (roundabout)
  • College Avenue from 96th Street to 106th Street
  • Haverstick Road between 96th Street and 99th Street
  • 99th Street between Westfield Boulevard and Haverstick Road
  • Home Place multi-use paths
  • 3rd Avenue between City Center Drive and Carmel Drive
  • AAA Way and 116th Street roundabout
  • AAA Way and Carmel Drive roundabout

The funds are also expected to cover underground relocation of some transmission lines.

Councilors included more projects than they expect can be funded through the bond in case projects end up being less expensive than projected or federal funds or other methods are secured to help pay for some of them. Although it’s unlikely to be used, the council added an amendment that requires council approval of additional projects should funds still be available once the listed projects are complete.

The council also approved a provision that prohibits bond funds from being used on public art.

The city council is also considering $65 million in proposed bonds to fund an expansion of the Carmel Police Dept. headquarters building and redevelopment projects. The council’s finance committee will continue discussing those projects at future meetings. None of the proposed bonds are expected to raise the city’s tax rate.