Hamilton County moves from yellow to blue advisory level to reflect recent COVID-19 counts


The Indiana Dept. of Health has revised Hamilton County’s weekly 2-Metric Score from yellow to blue.  

The Indiana State Dept. of Health added 213 newly reported COVID-19 positive cases to the county’s dashboard on March 6. Upon further review, the state found that some of the test results dated back as far as January. However, color status is based on the date the test is reported, not the date the test was taken. ISDH has adjusted Hamilton County’s level to blue to reflect this change.

Being that this is the second week that Hamilton County has been under blue status, its advisory level has now been lowered to blue as well. That means events and social gatherings may take place at up to 100 percent capacity so long as participants social distance and wear masks. This includes K-12 extracurricular and co-curricular activities, community recreational sports and college and professional sports. Social gatherings should be no more than 250 people.

Source: Hamilton County