Noblesville launches new Pleasant Street website, holds public information meeting


The City of Noblesville held a series of public information meetings March 16 to inform Noblesville residents about the progress of the Noblesville East-West Corridor Project. The project will create a corridor from Ind. 32 across the White River to Ind. 37 using Pleasant Street.

Mayor Chris Jensen began the meeting by announcing that a new website had gone live that day. Reimagine Pleasant Street, or, provides images, documents and other information.

The first public information meeting was held in July 2020, approximately 30 years after plans for the east/west corridor officially began. The next steps are publishing the final design in spring 2021 into fall 2022, completing geotechnical and utility investigations in the summer of 2021, acquiring property from summer 2021 to spring 2022, completing the environmental assessment in 2022 and continuing 1-on-1 meetings.

The preferred alternative, called B-1, for the corridor connects Ind. 32 to 19th Street, just west of Ind. 37. A new roadway will be constructed from Ind. 32 to Eighth Street. The project will use the existing Eighth Street and Pleasant Street roadways from Eighth Street to 19th Street. The speed limit for the new corridor will be 30 mph, except between Sixth and 11th streets, where it will be 25 mph.

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Alison Krupski

“This is a very large project for the City of Noblesville, and it will be done in phases,” city engineer Alison Krupski said. “The whole corridor is a priority, but a big part of that is Phase 1, because we really need a White River crossing in the City of Noblesville.”
Phase 1 will be from River Road to 11th Street. Bidding will open for that project in fall 2022 and construction will begin in 2023 and continue through 2024.

Krupski said Phases 2 and 3 will happen concurrently. Phase 2 will be from 11th Street to 19th Street and construction will happen in 2024 and 2025. Phase 3 will be from Ind. 32 at the Hague Road intersection to River Road with construction also happening in 2024 and 2025.

The project will provide connectivity through the Midland Trace Trail, the Riverwalk Trail and the future Nickel Plate Trail. The Midland Trace Trail will be extended through the project’s limits.

From Ind. 32 to Eighth Street, the corridor will be one lane in each direction with a raised median, The Midland Trace Trail will be on the north side. From Eighth Street to 11th Street, the corridor will be two lanes in each direction with a raised median that is slightly narrower, and sidewalks will be on either side of the corridor. From 11th Street to 19th Street, the corridor also will be two lanes in each direction with either a median or a left turn lane. The Midland Trace Trail will be on the north side and a sidewalk will be on the south side. The corridor is what the city refers to as a “roundabout corridor,” meaning several roundabouts will be constructed.

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