Snapshot: kNot Today, Colts coach raise awareness about sexual abuse and exploitation


To shine a spotlight on sexually abused and exploited children, Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich spoke in Fishers June 1 on behalf of, kNot Today. He co-founded the organization with his wife, Linda.

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(From left) kNot Today staff Emma Marsh, Linda Reich, Alyssa Van Vactor, Eric Vergon and Christi Wolf at the June 1 kNot Today community engagement event. kNot Today was founded by Linda Reich and her husband, Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich, in 2019. The organization’s mission is to “generate awareness, create prevention strategies and help develop innovative healing programs for sexually abused and exploited children in Indiana and across the United States.” (Submitted photos)
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Colts players (white shirts, from left) Carson Wentz, Ryan Kelly and Mark Glowinski supported the event with their presence. Darin Odler (left in blue) joins athletes with Hunte, a police electronicdetection K-9 trained to sniff out suspicious SIM cards. Hunter was purchased by kNot Today for police use.
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Hundreds of people visited the Nickel Plate Amphitheater for the Living Proof concert sponsored by kNot Today and to hear Frank and Linda Reich speak. “We believe one of the best ways to get ahead of this issue is with grassroots efforts to engage, inform and educate,” Linda Reich said in a media release. “This has proven to be a productive way of having an honest and open dialogue about an uncomfortable criminal and social justice issue that has been swept under the rug for far too long.”