At the table with Anna: Coat Check Coffee 


Where to go: Coat Check Coffee 

Address: 401 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis

What to get: Bacon bialy sandwich 

Price: $10

Anna’s take: I have never tried a bialy before visiting Coat Check Coffee in downtown Indianapolis. A bialy is a Polish flatbread with a depressed center, similar to a bagel. The ones sold at Coat Check Coffee have a crackly exterior and a soft interior, which is the perfect consistency for a breakfast sandwich. I ordered the bacon bialy, which comes with crispy bacon, an egg soufflé, American cheese and jalapeño jelly that was sweeter than it was spicy. I suggest pairing your bialy sandwich with either a pistachio latte (a staple at Coat Check Coffee) or one of their seasonal lattes, like the orange cardamom latte. Coat Check Coffee operates out of the Athenaeum at the corner of Michigan Street and Massachusetts Avenue.