Drive-thru Halloween Barn returns

CIW COM 1019 halloween barn
One of the barns features Disney decorations, such as from “Beauty and the Beast.” (Photo courtesy of Crissy Stephan)

After 200 people participated in 2017 Westfield High School graduate Andrea Carey’s Halloween-themed drive-thru barn, Carey decided to bring the attraction back for a second year.

Carey, who lives at 2060 W. 291st St. in Sheridan, said Halloween is her favorite holiday. She and her mother, Crissy Stephan, decorated two barns on Carey’s property for the holiday.

“Last year, we had a great response, so we want to do it again this year,” Carey said.

The drive-thru barn is $10 per carload. One barn is decorated in a Disney theme and the other has more traditional Halloween decorations like skeletons, pirates, Frankenstein’s lab, skulls and a dragon. Both barns only have decorations and no live interaction. Last year, the Disney barn featured decorations from “Beauty and the Beast,” “Finding Nemo,” “The Jungle Book” and “Toy Story.” This year, the Disney barn will feature decorations from “Sleeping Beauty,” “Maleficent,” “Monsters, Inc.,” “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid.”

The cars drive through the Disney barn first, then through an outdoor cemetery and then through the traditional Halloween barn.

“It was so fun. We love Halloween and we love decorating,” Carey said. “We can’t wait to get out there and decorate the barns.”

The drive-thru dates are Oct. 22-24 and Oct. 29-30. The drive-thru is open from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on the Friday and Saturday dates and 7:30 to 830 p.m. on the Sunday date. For more, visit the Our Barn page on Facebook.